Struggling to Make Your Vision a Reality?

Learn the strategies successful businesses use to bring clarity and intentionality to their efforts.

Did you know that 50% of startups never make it beyond their 5th year?

Learn how to clarify, align, and operationalize your strategy to see your vision become a reality!


You Can Create a Strategic Path to Realize Your Vision

Learn the process to:

  • CLARIFY your core vision, mission, and values.

  •  Strategically ALIGN your structure with your future.

  • OPERATIONALIZE your vision with specificity and accountability.

  • Create accountability at every level of the organization.

  • Develop reproducible processes for organizational growth.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the Leap Design Process, you’ll learn how to work through an organizational development process that enables you to operationalize your vision.


Leap Design Process

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Are You Ready To Create Clarity and Align Your Organization's Activities to Realize Your Vision?

This nine-step process will teach you everything you need to know to establish your business strategy and align it with your people strategy to see your vision become a reality. 

What's Included In The Leap Design Process?


Core Principles

Core principles are the fundamental elements that tell people inside and outside your organization who you are, what you are seeking to accomplish, and how they can expect you to engage. Your core principles include:

  • Vision - Focuses on tomorrow and what your organization seeks to accomplish
  • Mission - Focuses on today and what your organization is doing to achieve your vision
  • Core Values - An organization’s timeless beliefs that guide their decisions and tells the world what motivates their behaviors.

You’ll finish this Module with a complete picture of what makes your organization unique and clearly defines where you are going including the activities you plan to engage in to get there.


Strategy Planning

Establishing your organization's envisioned future will enable you to align your activities and create a personnel strategy that informs is best designed for your organizations needs. In this lesson, you’ll learn to clarify your:

  • Long-Term Leap - Defines your organization's ultimate long-term goal utilizing your mission to see your vision become a reality.
  • Messaging - Comprised of several sub-categories that help you stay focused on who you are trying to reach, what you are trying to reach them with, and the standard of excellence you plan to commit to.
  • Doubling Timeframe - Presents a description of your organization at 2x its current status.

You’ll finish this module with long-term clarity and a solid understanding of how you plan to position your organization to your potential customers.


Operationalize Your Vision

The secret to realizing your vision, is creating your daily activities informed by desired future. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create:

  • Annual Plan - The outcome of your strategic planning process that evaluates your Doubling Timeframe to establish how you need to focus your resources in the coming year.
  • Quarterly Rocks - Critical benchmarks that need to be a focus during the next 90 days, ensuring you continue to move forward on accomplishing your Annual Plan.
  • Scorecard - Clearly communicates expectations and intentional activities, with defined metrics, that enable employees at every level of the organization to stay focused and accountable on the activities that matter most.

You’ll finish this lesson with specifics and clarity on what needs to be done, who it needs to be done by and when it needs to be completed, so your vision becomes a reality!

This Course Is For You If...

  • Need to establish clear direction and alignment throughout your organization so you can grow to the next level
  • Are trying to create a culture where people want to come to work everyday
  • Feel spread thin and pulled in many directions by competing priorities
  • Desire to continue your own leadership and organizational development

Leap Design Process

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